TESOL House Reviews

Below are some of the comments we have received from students who have completed their training with TESOL House.

Original copies of these comments are kept at TESOL House.

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Denis Sorn

I really like my classmates. Without those particular people, I may not have enjoyed it as much as I did. I also really enjoyed learning something new. Steven always made sure we worked together and learned from each other, which is what I enjoyed too.

I have never taught before, but from this course I learned a lot about teaching. It takes much more work than I thought, but it’s very rewarding. I suppose how this training has changed me is that it gave me a bigger appreciation of teachers.

Ivan Musto Sorokin

This course changed my life forever. Thank you, Mr. Steven. This course is definitely worth 10 times the $900 I paid for it!

John Gregoire Houngbedji

Dear friends,

I profoundly appreciate and value the precious and remarkable times we spent together in the course of our training. It is said, “We part to meet and meet to part.” We may not study together forever, but we can be friends forever. In the light of this, let’s keep it up and going. Don’t stop the bus!

I would also like to extend my unreserved gratitude to Mr. Steven, for your amazing personality and exceptional sense of humor. Thank you so very much. Somehow, sometime, somewhere, we might meet again. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors and undertakings. God bless you all!

Leajanie A. Dorado

TESOL training has helped me a lot. It was a fun and exciting way of learning; never a dull moment. I will use all the lessons I have learnt to apply in my daily lessons and continue to uphold the aim of TESOL.

Alyssa Angelique Dela Cruz

TESOL helped me a lot as a teacher. Not only did I enjoy the class, I also learned a lot which I can use in my class. It really helped me to do and love my job as well as my students.

Karl Heinz Regala

The spirit, engagement, collaboration, and communication were great in this course. It was very helpful to learn all the lessons. Big thanks to the trainer, Steven Lee. We couldn’t have passed the course without him.

Mike Jay Gallano Natano

I love when the ‘Teaching is not learning’ part was introduced because it has given me so many ideas on how to teach effectively. Before I joined TESOL, I had a different thinking about teaching, but when I became part of it, my knowledge about teaching expanded. I truly recommend TESOL to everyone who has a heart for teaching. I have learned the most important lesson in TESOL which is “to involve students all the time.”

Ralte Lalruatpuii

This has been a great course for me. Now I know so many things that help me to be a more effective teacher. All the lessons were practical and easy to use immediately. My classroom management will never be the same after this training. Everything about it is positive and I strongly suggest this course to teachers who don’t have much experience in this field.

Anamene Angela Chinenye

I liked the way the trainer presented the lessons and the ideas I got from the rest of the trainees. It was a good decision taking this course.

Rene Graza De Guzman

The training is an eye-opener. It somehow changed my mindset towards the methods that I often used in class. The training itself is the perfect example of how lessons should be conducted – more participative for the students and less teacher centered.

Sreynich Chan

TESOL House has equipped me with the practical techniques for creating a supportive yet challenging environment for my students. It’s a platform for me to effectively and efficiently apply those theories which I had acquired from my academic years regarding teaching methodology.

Edith Watt

Steven sets the tone for the class right from the beginning in how warm, open, and friendly he was, as well as getting us involved in games and encouraging interaction. He created a very relaxed and fun atmosphere which made the training a pleasure to go to, even on weekends! The students also made it so enjoyable and there was a real sense of cooperation which I think Steven nurtured by the way he teaches. The course material is very practical in that it’s not focused on theories, but knowledge we can apply. I really liked the teaching on the different components of a lesson which is relevant to the delivery of any subject.

I would recommend TESOL House to anyone. I was a bit skeptical because the fee is much lower than other trainings I’ve seen on the web, but nicely surprised by the quality. Please commend Linny for me because it was her professionalism and timely email communication which sold it to me and then meeting Steven subsequently cemented the deal!

Hout Song (Reuben)

What I like most about the training was the participants and the trainer. There were several nationalities with different background, knowledge, and experience. Moreover, the trainer was qualified with many years of experience. He has many strategies to make us participate and understand the objectives.

Anna Di Ruggiero

I felt very welcomed since the first interview with the TESOL Trainer before starting the course. As an early years teacher, this course gave me the opportunity to expand my teaching experience to adult classes.

Leon Cloete

I really enjoyed this course. I felt at home because my trainer was great with all his explanations. I felt very welcome. This course was well worth $900.

Sam Smith

I like the real life training experience. It’s very practical. The Teaching Practice increases my confidence. Great pre-course interview with the trainer.

Erlie L. Miranda

I like how we put the lessons into practical teaching. Steven was so supportive of us and always open to our suggestions regarding how we could improve our way of teaching. I am positive I will be able to apply most of the lessons or approach we learned in the class.

Mustafa Kemal Aksu

The course was very enjoyable. It could be longer because I don’t want to leave this lovely environment.

Mary Ann Marcelino Olarte

We had fun throughout the training. It was a good feeling that we didn’t feel the pressure of the training because the trainer always made it fun and interactive.

Simeon Sanchez

I liked the atmosphere of group learning and participation. Practical teaching methods were modeled in a very real way. The instructor practiced good teaching methods and incorporated them into the TESOL training. My fellow trainees were also very friendly; it was a fun group.

Maria Jenica Calamanan

Everybody participated and no one was left out. Everybody was equally treated and had the opportunity to show the teaching style they learned.

Sean Patrick Magallano

I learned a lot especially on how to reduce Teacher’s Talk Time and how not to be a boring teacher.

Craig Darryn Hawkins

As a participant, I can confidently attest the TESOL course at TESOL House Aii, not only provides you the practical skills in teaching English to learners of foreign languages, but instills a culture of teamwork and teaching confidence to make a difference in the Cambodian community.